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Truly Nolen Pest Prevention in Lexington, Kentucky, contacted the Arion Group to help them increase awareness of their “green” pest management services. For years Truly Nolen had provided environmentally friendly solutions to the most troublesome pest problems. While other companies applied chemicals first and asked questions later, Truly Nolen minimized the use of chemicals in controlling pests.

We worked with Truly Nolen to design an eye-catching target symbol using a leaf as an “arrow.” This visually communicated the targeted, but environmentally aware methods used by Truly Nolen. The new design was used on brochures, door hangers, business card promotions, and trade show banners. With the client’s input, we wrote text for the brochure highlighting the steps Truly Nolen took to:

  1. Properly inspect homes
  2. Identify specific areas that are susceptible to infestations
  3. Exclude pests by sealing cracks or removing debris
  4. Monitor homes to make sure conditions continue to discourage pests from entering

Truly Nolen’s “green” campaign involved a multi-faceted strategy for reaching current and potential customers:

  • Direct mailing that included a personal letter with the brochure
  • Distributing door hangers around the neighborhood when working at a current customer’s house
  • Handing out business cards with special referral promotions printed on back

To view all the pieces of the campaign, see the slideshow below.

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