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“A pebble drops in water. Ripples extend far and wide…that small impact grows in its influence.”

“Imagine the benefits of your health care that extend beyond the occasional and ordinary doctor’s visit. Imagine a unique doctor’s office where you are the focus. Imagine a doctor who takes the time to really get to know you. Now, imagine the ripple effects the benefits of your good health will have. Benefits that will enrich every facet of your life, the lives of your family, your children, your friends, your job performance and your enjoyment of hobbies and pastimes.”

These are the opening paragraphs of the brochure ClubMD contacted the Arion Group to create for promotion of their revolutionary health care service. ClubMD challenged patients to take charge of their health and helped them focus on nutrition and fitness to prevent problems.

We used the image of rippling water on the cover of the brochure, and interspersed photos of healthy patients enjoying their lives throughout the piece.

Services included in membership to ClubMD were featured prominently on the back cover.

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