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Helena Escalante’s vibrant personality shined through the email as she told us about the new name she’d chosen for her new podcast series. “It’s going to be a business book club,” she explained. “The authors of these books are “gurus,” people who share their expertise with others. Personally, I’ve learned a lot by reading these books and discussing them with friends. My business has grown as a result! I want to share what I’m learning to help others too.”

Helena went on to announce, “We have a new name — woo hoo!! Drumroll, please…ENTREGURUS. I’m absolutely thrilled! I’m producing the podcast in English and Spanish, so I wanted to find words that worked well in both languages. ‘Entre’ means ‘among’ in Spanish. And what better way than to find yourself learning among gurus?” Helena asked. “Each week a friendly, entrepreneurial guru will share his or her knowledge and the listeners will be among gurus — how cool is that?”

Helena excitedly explained that each book study will consist of three separate podcasts:

• An introduction and overview of the book.
• An in-depth discussion of the book’s concepts with the author.
• Interviews with people who applied these concepts and saw results.

After sharing her ideas, Helena asked the Arion Group to design a logo that:

• Communicates the concept of “ideas.”
• Is simple and retains detail when reduced.
• Fits well in a square.
• Includes an “icon” that can be used by itself for branding purposes.

After a lot of brainstorming, sketching, and discussion, the final logo design emerged. Thanks to Helena Escalante for asking us to collaborate with her on this fun project. To learn more, visit

Click through the slide show below to see the EntreGurus logo design process.

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