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Equine Land Conservation Resource’s mission is to save land for horse-related activities. They approached the Arion Group for help with marketing their message to horse enthusiasts and potential supporters. The brochure we created was to educate potential supporters about the issue of land loss and what can be done to preserve it.

The cover design features a map of the United States that’s being “gobbled up” by development. Superimposed over the the map is text reading “Where will you ride, drive, race, compete, raise foals, grow hay?”

The inside of the brochure clearly presents the issue, the solution, and steps an individual can take to make a difference.

Important points about land loss included:

  • 36 million acres of land is needed to feed the US horse population
  • Biofuel production is driving up the cost of feed and hay
  • Development is gobbling up 6000 acres of open space per day
  • Hay fields are disappearing
  • Horses are being closed out of recreational and suburban lands


The brochure was handed out at trade shows and educational events. It was also mailed with a personal letter to potential supporters.


To see more views of the brochure, advance the slide show below.

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