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A new package design is born.

“My horse greets me with a soft nicker and an eager look when I come to feed. That’s my favorite part of the day.”

When Kentucky Performance Products’ marketing team heard this statement during a brainstorming session, they knew they were on to something.

“Some of our clients are backyard horse owners. Some are serious competitors. It’s important to us to find an image for our packaging that appeals to all customers,” said Sheri Wood, Kentucky Performance Products, LLC art director.

“Every horse owner relates to being happily greeted by their horse,” she said. “That’s why we chose to use a picture of Leo (KPP’s sponsored horse), on the front of our new labels. When a customer reaches for a KPP product they see a happy horse looking back at them. Leo stands in his stall, eagerly waiting for them to arrive.”

Now, with the same image of Leo looking out from every label, the new product line is more cohesive in ads and on the shelf.

Using a new printing process saves time and expense.

KPP’s original package design was silkscreened in two colors on white buckets starting in the late 1990s. Because simple shapes are best for silkscreening, KPP designed silhouettes of horses that related to the products inside. For example, Endura-MaxTM featured a horse climbing up a hill.  New products were developed over time and printed separately.

In the 1990s silkscreening was less expensive than printing color labels. Luckily, times have changed. Now KPP is printing four-color labels across its product line. Because labels are printed and stored in rolls they take up less storage space than silkscreened buckets. The printer can also group several labels on the same press to save time and money.

Some things remain the same

“We kept the same color scheme our customers were already familiar with,” said Karen Isberg, owner of Kentucky Performance Products, LLC. “We wanted customers to find their favorite products easily. Our products are selling vigorously. We’ve had positive response to the new package design.”

To see the before and after product designs, scroll through the slide show below.

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