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Do your customers frequently ask similar questions over and over again? This is a common occurrence that companies address in different ways. Many businesses print a brochure with answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), or post common questions and answers on their websites.

In 2017, Kentucky Performance Products, LLC (KPP) decided to produce a series of FAQ videos to explain answers to customers’ most common questions. In an effort to get more bang for their buck, they decided to present a KPP product at the end of each video along with a brief statement about its benefits. These FAQ videos were created to share as links in email campaigns, on social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook, as well as on KPP’s “Tips and Topics” blog posts.

Here’s one example from the series:


Karen Isberg, writer; Kathie Stamps, editor; Sheri Wood, graphic designer and videographer; Becky Young, production manager.


More FAQ videos in this series are:

Why should I include a digestive supplement in my horse’s feeding program?

Is it really necessary to have Chondroitin Sulfate and Glucosamine in a horse joint supplement?

My horse eats some grain but not as much as recommended. Is he getting the nutrition he needs?

What is the ideal body condition for my horse?


Here’s a brief slideshow about our production process:


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